I Am Not Obese Anymore (and the depression is much better)


In December I was in the pit of depression.  I was fat. I was stuck in a gloomy, dark tunnel of seeming hopelessness. My counsellor told me to de-clutter, and focus on Christ and the blessings in my life. My doctor gave me an ultimatum on December 31st….you are obese. Lose weight. Lose at least 15 pounds right now, avoid alcohol, eat healthy, take vitamins, get to a gym, get outside…

So I took the doc’s orders to heart…well…Teresa also pushed me. I took basic measurements on January 5th.

Weight: 195lbs
Chest 42.25
Waist 42
Hips 43

I am 5’7″ which means my ideal weight is around 155-160lbs and my waist should be around 31-32″.  I was totally out of shape. Which did nothing to help my depression.   I had a bum knee, how could I do this?  Walking hurt…

Just give me chips and pop…

So with Teresa standing beside me and supporting me, and joining in on the healthy eating and working out, we have started a new era of our lives.

No diets, no fads, just a lifestyle change.

First I de-cluttered my life.  Dropped some committees, and volunteer positions. I stopped working two jobs, and I put school on hold for now.

I start each day with personal devotions, and I focus on the blessings in my life to start the day.

wpid-20150111_201722.jpgI began eating 6 healthy meals per day, 7 days per week, with some leeway of course…a tall beer or two on Friday evening, a free evening on Saturday (which usually included at least 2/3 of a large bag of Miss Vickies Chips) and an extra large dinner on Sundays (cuz those are the best dinners).  I have cut out sugar, refined foods, and processed foods or what I like to call, “frankenfoods” except for my 3 free snacks/meals.

I started supplementing vitamins and some amino acids to help with my mood.

Using Bill Phillip’s Back to Fit Program  for my exercise plan, I began working out 6 days per week, for 25-35 minutes per day.  That may sound like a lot, but I simply incorporate it into my commute. The program is 12 weeks long and aimed at the 40+ crowd and is easy on the joints.  Yes, I know I am not in my 40’s…it works for anyone. It uses High Intensity Interval Training for both cardio and strength training and really kicks your butt without stressing the joints. I have not missed a single workout. I hated it at first, but now it is something I look forward to everyday.

So we come to the stats.

February 3 measurements:

Weight 178 Down 17 lbs
Chest 39.75 Down 2.5″
Waist 35.75 Down 6.25″
Hips 41 Down 2″

I am still about 20 lbs over weight, but I am not obese any more.  My energy has sky rocketed.  My outlook is improved. But he best thing. The depression is much better.  Not cured, but much, much better.  I still have low days, but the constant haze of darkness has lifted.  In fact, I feel like this Hank Williams song:


The body is the temple of the Holy Spirit, and I let it get run down. I let my devotions slip.  I let the clutter and busyness of life take it’s toll on me. I had my focus in the wrong place. Now the temple is undergoing a renovation. I am decluttering. I am focusing on Christ and family.

It is a complete reboot.


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