2015 Fitness Challenge: Day 1

Day-1-CalendarToday is technically the first day of the challenge, although I have been exercising and eating healthy for a week already. The week’s food is planned and prepped. The exercise routine is planned.  The measurements are taken.
Let’s do this…
Starting Measurements
Weight: 195lbs
Chest 42.25
Waist 42
Hips 43
Meals and Moves:
5:00am – Smoothie, with strawberry, banana, Greek yogurt, 25gr protien. Coffee.  8 oz water.
9:00am – Apple. 1 boiled egg. handful of almonds. Coffee. 8 oz water.
12:00pm – Chicken and brown Rice. Carrots and celery sticks. 16oz water.
3:00pm – Smoothie with strawberry, banana, carrots, 1 TBsp flax seed, 25gr protien.
4:00pm – Workout 5:25 HIIT.
5:30pm – Baked pollock and baked potato with salsa. Green salad with lo-cal Ranch
8:30pm – Veggie sticks and
9:15pm – Bed

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