Week 6: Sickness, Sochi, and Eduard Khil

I lost 5 pounds this week!  And the Winter Olympics commenced in Sochi, Russia! What a great week!

Oh wait. Three out of the four of us got ill and it was really bad, especially for Meagan who barely said a word for 3 days.  If you know Meagan, she is not quiet – not even close! So it was peaceful, but not enjoyable.  I lost 5 pounds, but not the right way so I am not even going to try a check in this week.

In honour of the Winter Olympics being held in Sochi, I would like to introduce my favorite Russian song by the late Mr. Eduard Khil.  Don’t ask me I like this…I have no idea!

Because of this song, he was more famously, and unfortunately, known as “Mr Trololo.”  There have been numerous jokes and gags, as well as voice overs of famous movies with this song.  My favorite voice over is with Saruman singing from Lord of the Rings.    

Ok so that went a little off track from Sickness and Sochi, but this whole week was off track.  The only thing on track this week was devotions.  With no where to go but lay on the couch, I did a lot of sleeping and reading the past few days.

Tomorrow is a new day, back at her!

Have a blessed week.


Week 5 Check In: First Aid & Castle Fun Park!

I have not lost a pound this week and I blame First Aid.

That’s right.

I blame first aid.

I am re-certifying in Occupational First Aid level 2, and that has been hard on my diet and exercise.  I expected it to fry my brain and mess up my exercise routine, so I am not disappointed in the least.  At least I am not a first timer…

giphy (2)

My days were all pretty much the same:

Breakfast: Fruit smoothie

Snack: Almonds/Apple

Lunch: Green Smoothie

Snack: Homemade granola bars (mmmm)

Dinner was usually good except the two evenings that I had a committee meeting and class – then I had oven baked chicken burgers – not great but not horrid either.

Today was a free day!  And Daddy date day!  I took the girls to Castle Fun Park and we had a blast!