Public Accountability

Hi there!

This is a typical old man post.  I am going to brag about things from my past. I used to be so strong and I won this event and did that, oh did I tell you about the time I won a basketball game…my athletic prowess…I could bench press…ok…

…not really.

I found an old blog I used to have, where I tracked what I ate, what I weighed, how strong I was and so on. You see, I was gearing up for a career in law enforcement so fitness was an everyday thing.  It was a lifestyle.  Outside of a couple beers on the weekend and the occasional pizza I was careful not to put poison in my body and I was careful to exercise 5-6 days per week. This went on from about 2007 to about 2010. Here is a screen shot from 5 years ago from my blogs stat tracker:


I managed to gain 4 pounds in 6 weeks and lose 3/4 of an inch off my waist.  Not bad.


So here is photo of the scale taken today.

IMG_20131225_210612 (1)

39 lbs heavier and I guess about 12″ added to my waist in 5 years. That is unacceptable. I am only 5’7″ tall!

I am not even going to check my waist.  I got lazy and life got busy. Another child, more responsibility with work and church and so on.  It all adds up.

I am not planing a career in law enforcement anymore, I am planing on finishing my degree and going to seminary.  I don’t need to run 10k in under 40 minutes for that.  Rather I need to be healthy.  In body and soul.  So I need to make some changes before I cross the 200lb mark.   This blog is my way of publicly holding myself accountable.

I am not going on a diet.  I am just going to make healthy choices.  Teresa is on board.  We have stocked up the fridge with fruits and veggies and healthy lean meats.  I have a two week rotation of beginner exercises drafted up and meal plans ready.  ( I am a beginner again – love it!).

I will post my stats, goals and plans next time on my “new years resolution” post.

Feel free to follow along.  Feel free to join in.  If you live nearby and want to run together or go for hikes I would love to – just don’t expect me to keep up!

Till next time…


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